Puppetry-The breathing Object-

Puppetry workshops by One Flea Circus

What is this strange power of puppetry?

There is a station in life left to the “other” the “ un-human being”. Those that take almost human form and consciousness, but are just far enough out of our reach that they can comment on society and our existence in a way that would not be tolerated by one of our own. Puppets, hold this stance, and it is precisely this that makes them so powerful.

Puppets are magic. They capture the deepest spark of humanity and shine it brightly. It creates unthinkable worlds and shows us deeper truths. The limitations and liberations of puppets teaches the performers and the audience about their own existence. They are instantaneously both an object and a being, an “it” and “they”, material and metaphor.

Tobi has been teaching puppetry for over 8 years now.

They have taught complete beginners, trained performers, and anywhere inbetween.  Clients include Theatre Companies, Professional training programs, and any individuals wanting to learn the art of puppetry.

Using a foundation of Breath and honesty Tobi can tailor workshops to rod puppetry, hand and rod, multiple person manipulation, object puppetry, world puppet history, design/ construction, and much more.

Workshops can be formatted as a single session introductory class, a weekend, or week long intensive.

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