I awake to a skuffy bear jumping on my head

telling me to get out of bed

Waking up is easy to do

when there’s a morning hug waiting for you.

She’ll be your sugar, and I’ll be your spice,

and we’ll both always try to be everything nice.

My special bear mug with sleepy time tea

Tea time with Mom is a big deal to me

You brought Narnia to life as we drove to new places

which always assured big smiles on our faces.

Cloth transformed to anything under your nimble finger

and you teach me the same, once I’m trusted with your Singer (oops! I mean Kenmore)

My Mother she loves. My mother she cares.

My mother plucks sweet harmonies from midair.

With a paintbrush she’s a poet, and shows us her woods,

the magical land of her childhood.

Pony rides and piggy toes, Alli got new new shoes.

Bunny ears for my school play, Lamb in the lunch box says “I love you!”

Life is uncertain, but there is one thing I know

My Mama will hold me and never, never, never let me go.

Happy Mother’s day Mom! I love you so much! Thank you for the million ways you love and make the world a more beautiful place! I’m so proud and honored to be your button.