Connect to your community – Connect to yourself!

Half hour, online classes designed specifically for the needs of your groups of friends.

Mindful presence, stretching, strengthening, or need specific classes for anyone from absolute beginner to advanced students.

Feeling disconnected? You are not alone!

Do you want to improve your relationship with your body?

Do you want to connect with your friends on a more regular basis? 

Do you want to feel refreshed and invigorated throughout your day?

I’m here to help you!

Get ready, because these awesome classes:

  • Allow you to let go of figuring out what to do, how many reps, or tracking time so you can enjoy connecting to your group and yourself!
  • Adapt to your space, your schedule, your attire, your skill level, and your movement and fitness goals.
  • Are taught LIVE by me for you and your group.
  • Feel like a joyful thing to look forward to instead of another thing to do!

It’s already been 2 long, hard, socially isolating years and many of us are feeling disconnected from our bodies and our communities.

To feel connected to our body is our birthright, to feel connected to each other is delight! 

30 Minutes- Online- Once a week

Guess what. Joy is good for you! Movement and exercise is a great way of connecting to your body, and laughing and smiling with friends makes it even better.

I’ve spent my life training and teaching gymnastics, circus, performance, hand balancing, mindful breath training, and meditation. It’s this love of movement, connection and teaching that is at the heart of every class I teach.

Give yourself this half hour to be present and connect with yourself and others. You’ll be SO glad you did!

Customize your skill level:These classes can be tailored to ANY skill or body awareness level. I can’t wait to create a space that feels safe and awesome for you! I teach each group and each individual where they are at. Wherever that is, is the perfect place to be.

 It doesn’t matter if your friends are around the corner, across the globe, or across the kitchen table! All you need is your body and a regularly scheduled half an hour, once a week.

Class Information

Pick your:

  • Subject matter: Body and breath awareness and mindful movement, stretching, strengthening, or a little bit of everything.
  • Focus area: Classes work on the whole body but if there is a particular desire for focus on a specific body part (or an injury or impairment that needs special attention) let me know!
  • Skill level: Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Space parameters: Classes are designed based on the space you have available during class. Standing/ Sitting at a desk classes for cubicle- limited desk space classes, or wall and floor use for those who have the space. No equipment necessary.


  • 30 min class,  at a time that is convenient for you.
  • A group of 4-6 friends (contact me for different rates for smaller or larger groups).
  • A class designed for your specific goals, strength, flexibility, body awareness, mindfulness or a specific skill/focus area.
  • Can’t make it to class some week, or want a pickup session at some other point before our next class? No problem! Every week you also get a video of the session that is posted for one week that you can repeat any time you like.
  • Classes are $21.50 for each person/ week conveniently auto-billed every 4 weeks. 

To Each and Every Class I Bring: 

  • My decades of training and experience,
  • A welcoming, judgement free space to be present and connect.
  • My highly attuned ability to listen and speak to your body through words and video.
  • My delight in meeting my students where they are, I create accessibility to places that feel unattainable and scary,  and challenge people to their highest level of awesomeness, both at the same time!
  • My passion for connecting people to their joy

When we fully and joyfully inhabit our body and get to connect to people we love, the world seems brighter, the task ahead often feels lighter, and we move through the day with an extra spring in our step. 

Looking forward to hearing from you and wishing you a lifetime of beautiful connection to your body and your community!

Much love,


What my students are saying:

Throughout my life, I’ve had a hard time being comfortable with my own body. While I wanted to be able to participate in sports and exercise, I would see that I was last getting done with a rotation, and I would get focused on how the trainer and other students were all waiting for me to get done.  It always felt like I wasn’t understanding these basic things that everyone else didn’t need explained.

When I started with Tobi, everything changed.  Every single class, Tobi takes time to explain what is going on and why we are doing what we are doing.  They are able to notice when someone is struggling, and take great joy in figuring out new ways to explain an exercise or stretch.  When I was having trouble getting out of my own way, Tobi identified that and was able to adjust class so that I was more comfortable and relaxed.  With this understanding and time, I’ve been able to get so much stronger and more confident, too.  

Tobi is a teacher who is constantly thinking of their students. They are able to meet every student at their own level, pushing those who want to be pushed, but allowing those who just want time in their own body to have that as well.  I have told so many people that they should join me in Tobi’s class.  It’s really one of the best things that I ever decided to do. 

Svea Drentlaw

Tobi is a phenomenal teacher whose joy permeates even through a computer screen.  Their feedback is specific and insightful, using multiple tools to help students explore and improve upon techniques.  Through their guidance I have discovered new strengths, abilities, and confidence which have reignited my personal daringness to risk and play.  I appreciate greatly their intuitive tutelage, and love that I find myself constantly smiling while sweating throughout their athletic classes.  

Gaby Labotka- Theatrical Broadway Fight &Intimacy Director.

I’ve learned so much about my body from these classes and had a wonderful and supportive community that helped me focus on something during the pandemic. Everything about this class has helped [both my] physical and mental health.

Riley Larson