Where connection goes, energy flows, and productivity grows.

Midday, online, breath, mindful movement, stretching, or strengthening classes designed specifically for your organization’s schedule, and occupational needs.

Create a culture of health, wellness and human connection while boosting productivity, morale, and integration!

 Whether everyone in your company works from home, or you are together in one space, lunch time is a great time to build connections within your work community, connect to yourself, and get people moving.

Midday exercise is proven to lower stress, improve mood, and boost concentration. How great is that!

To feel connected to our body is our birthright, to feel connected to each other is delight. Let’s bring this beautiful truth into the workplace.

 I love to connect people to their bodies and to each other in ways they never have before. I’ve taught every age group and skill level and excel at creating an accepting judgment free space where people can feel nourished, empowered and joyful! 

 It doesn’t matter if your coworkers are each in their own homes, across the globe, or across the table! All you need is your body, internet access and a regularly scheduled class time once a week.

Class Information

Classes are designed for your company’s specific needs and desires in:

  • Subject matter: Body awareness/breath/mindful movement, stretching, strengthening, or a little bit of everything.
  • Focus area: You tell me about the physical and mental activities your employees do throughout the day, and I design for maximum effectiveness and enjoyment. 
  • Space parameters: I gather information about the space participants have available during class, and create accordingly.
  • Schedule: We find a regularly scheduled day and time that best suits your company’s needs.
  • Time needs: Classes are structured in 30 minute slots, but can be made shorter or have timed breaks so people can do only part of class if need be.

To Each and Every Class I Bring: 

  • My delight in meeting my class participants wherever they are in their fitness journey.
  • My highly attuned ability to see and speak to class participants’ needs through words and video.
  • My lifetime of training and teaching in gymnastics, circus, physical comedy, performance, hand balancing, mindful breath training, and meditation.
  • The ability to address specific occupational stress areas. 
  • The ability to create accessibility to places that once felt unattainable and scary, while challenging people to their highest level of awesomeness.
  • Endless exercises, information, and tools to design a class specifically for you and your coworkers that fills your needs and desires.

Do you have some employees that have an irregular schedule and can’t commit to a weekly class? What about if someone can’t make it to class some week? Would some people rather do the class solo? Do people want a pickup session at some point before our next class? No problem! Every week you also get a video of the session that is posted for one week that you can repeat any time you like.

When we fully and joyfully inhabit our body and get to connect to people we love, the world seems brighter, the task ahead often feels lighter, and we move through the day with an extra spring in our step. 

Looking forward to hearing from you and wishing you and your workplace community a lifetime of beautiful connection to your body and each other!

Much love,