Transform your event from ordinary to unforgettable! 

Are you planning an event or gathering that needs some fairy dust? 

 Turn your event into one of those perfect moments that brings delight to all involved and glows with a special light in your heart every time you remember it.  Your event is so special and you and your guests deserve a time filled with the kind of magic that makes you feel and so happy to be alive! 

We Find the Magic that’s Right for You!

From a blow out event to an intimate gathering, I can’t wait to help you create the event you’re going to LOVE! Celebration, ritual, adventure, romance, reflective contemplation, remembrance, healing, relaxation, whatever is at the heart of your gathering, we come from there and let it shine! 

Imagine you could:

  • Amaze and enchant your attendees with an experience filled with its own unique magic.
  • Amplify the power of your event by bringing people together, creating deeper connections, and special memories for years to come.
  • Sit back and enjoy as my wild creativity serves up ideas and solutions that will twinkle your toes and enthrall your imagination.

Get as much support and guidance that you need from beginning to end. 

Whether you just want idea creation, or help with resources, shopping, step-by-step instructions, and  problem solving along the way, You’ll have the guidance you need to make your event a smashing success.

Ways that I can help uplevel your event:

  • Idea creation and creative brainstorming for any aspect of your event
  • Aesthetic feel and color palette of your event
  • Physical space layout
  • Emotional arc of the event
  • Guided discovery of the unique “magical identity” of your guests.
  • Creating a ritual or interactive activity for your attendees
  • Researching and sourcing
  • Detailed playbook of how to make your dream event a reality
  • Ongoing check ins as your event draws near
  • Day of facilitation of group interaction or ritual
  • On call for magical space holding and problem solving day before and/or day of your event.

Have decades of magical expertise at your fingertips! 

I’ve been working professionally in theatre design and physical performance and comedy for over 23 years! Marry this together with my  innate sense of play and wonder then mix in my highly attuned emotional and psychological understanding of what connects and delights any individual or group, and you simply won’t find anything like this anywhere else.

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How it works

In your free discovery call we’ll touch on the whos, whats, wheres and any known aspects, dreams and desires of the event. 

Once I have a general idea of what we are creating together I’ll guide you through finding the specifics of what it is you want to create and get to work on designing your event.

Over a series of just a few calls you’ll watch in amazement as the plan for your perfect event unfolds before your very eyes.

As we develop the ideas we will hand craft a package that perfectly accommodates how much help and detailed guidance you want and need. You can take our ideas and run with them or I can help guide you step by step into making your dream a reality.

Then you have a wonderful amazing event and come on back to me the next time you want to create another unforgettable experience!


The Magic of life connects us, delights us, fills us with wonder and possibilities! Make this event a magical experience they will never forget!  


Let’s Talk!