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A young boy character (me, wearing a half mask) finishes securing a band to a tree, looks up longingly at the moon and steps back pulling it taught ready to launch.

The child launches themself into space using the slingshot As he releases they goes into slow motion flights. He is fixed in space. The trees get bigger as he approaches the canopy and eventually disappear from sight.

Mockups to show the practicals of the effects. angles and details not completely right due to limitation of mannequins and number of hands 🙂


We shift perspective, by shifting the angle of the tree trunks, flyer, and moon.


The boy is doing partner acro with one or two people in black to make it look like he is flying, he can flip and play as he soars to outer space.

The trees and moon are operated with one person on the other’s shoulders moving back and forth in space.

Trees side view:

The moon grows larger and the stars get further apart.

I’ve developed a much better version of this effect, but have not yet documented it.


The stars are all on sticks held by performers



As he flies into space, he unzips and removes his sweatshirt to reveal a humanette (character’s head is still the actor, but body is smaller. Now operated by him and an additional puppeteer. This allows him to easily jump and play amongst the stars

He then climbs onto the moon:

As he walks the moon rotates. The moon cradles him and he curls up to go to sleep. as the stars shine on

Swingin On A Star Performer needs: Tobi (me), Taylor (assistant), 2 bases for partner acro,10-11 ensemble puppeteers (specific requirements).  & outside eye via internet not performer, Norman Taylor)

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