The Devil You Know- One Flea Circus from One Flea Circus on Vimeo.

What happens when a monster gets loose from under a woman’s bed and wreaks havoc on society? Bedlam ensues on the playground of a four-poster bed and  the battlefield of the bedroom floor.

Writer-performer-constructor Allison Daniel unleashes multiple forms of puppetry, physical comedy, and acrobatics.

The show was created for grown-up audiences — it includes one or two brief PG-13 images and some subtly dark themes — but the younger amongst us will find it enthralling as well.

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“The Devil You Know” features the talents of these incredible independent bay area artists:

Directorial Assistance: Kurt Bodden
Original Score: Jeremy Cox
Violin : Sam Hyson
Clarinet: Erik Yates
Accordion: Dan Cantrell
Bass: Dani Roberson
Graphic Design: Dax Tran-Caffee
Choreography: Catie Brier
Videography: Shipra Shulka
Photography: Shoot That Klown
Lighting Design: Christian Mejia
Sound and Lighting Operator: Audrey Spinazola
Sewing Assistance: Cathy Diebold

A Big Thank You to my Fiscal supporters who helped make this happen:

Rubin Starset, Mary Peplinski & Phil Trimble, Ken and Pat Deckle, Ayla Argawal, Julian Perez, Kurt Bodden, Mikolaj Habryn & Eden Gallanter


Scott Keck, Eric Gillet, Alisa Baker,Michael & Valerie Nelson, Eric  Wertz, Amanda Sanfilippo, Brittnee Jones, April Arcus, MCT,Jen Leech & Michael Burstein.

Much thanks and appreciation to Shoot That Klown Photography, Un-Scripted Theatre, and all the other wonderful people who donated to the campaign and helped bring this show to life!

The Devil You Know- One Flea Circus 1

Photo by Shoot That Klown