Ignite your heart and fall in love with the magic of being alive.

A new online 7 part online adventure by One Flea Circus

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

– Albert Einstein

Do you remember when you were a kid and it felt like possibility was around every corner? When blankets could be a mighty sleepover fortress, and falling into a world of wonder was just a matter of turning the page?

Have you ever felt the sense of awe and wonder that comes from looking up at the stars, the sunset, or the tiny fingernails of a newborn baby?

When was the last time your heart felt so lit up that you were blown away by the amazingness of life?

So many people go through life in a dull monotony, feeling stuck in a rut, disconnected from life, and drained of their joy.

Some give so much to others that they forget how to fill up their own lives with their joy and magic.

Life is magical! You are magical!  This is what living your magical life is about: learning how to open your eyes to see magic all around you, cultivating it in your unique, beautiful way, and opening up the doors to your heart to let even more of it in. In this delightful 7 part online virtual experience, you are going to do just that!

Whether your life’s journey has left you bedraggled, and disenchanted, or you want to feel engaged and delighted more easily and more often, I’ve got you covered! Wherever you currently are,  if you want to find or up the level of delight, play and wonder in your life, this opportunity is for you.

Do you want to:

  • Be guided to discover, or dig even deeper into knowing what uniquely lights you up like a firefly and how to access it whenever you want.
  • Weave moments of joy and pleasure into your everyday life in quick and easy ways that don’t feel like another thing to do.
  • Bust out of a bland, ho-hum, day to day existence into a life that feels more like a vacation. (You only live this life once. why not enjoy the heck out of it!)
  • Rekindle the curiosity and play you felt as a kid and discover new worlds of excitement and joy in unexpected places.
  • Deepen existing relationships and create new ones by connecting through shared delight, play, and fascination
  • Bring presence and transformation to life’s sticky and uncomfortable moments to get back in your grove faster and more easily.


This adventure is not “another thing to do”. These 7 video/audio modules are a  journey of enjoyment where you get to discover what makes YOU feel fully alive and how to allow more of it into YOUR life until it becomes the place where you live from.

You WILL NOT have to buy any special equipment or supplies. You WILL NOT Be require you to go anywhere physically or mentally where you feel unsafe or triggered


Modules are pre recorded can be watched or listened to at whatever time works best for you with some interactive exercises which you are welcome to participate in as lightly or as deeply as fits your needs and desires.

As part of the maiden voyage of this extravaganza, you will not only receive 7 pre-recorded videos delivered weekly, a half hour 1 on 1 session with me!  I am extending this opportunity first to my close network (including you!) for a deeply discounted price of just $150!

That’s right. You receive:

  • 7 video/audio modules (lifetime access-yours to rewatch anytime you want)
  • Printable outlines of each module
  • Playsheets for each module that guide you easily through exploring each topic.
  • A half hour one on one session with me after the final Q&A.
  • A life with many more opportunities for play and magic! 🙂

All for just $150!

“It’s more fun with friends” discount ticket bonus:

Doing things together we can have more fun and can integrate more deeply, fully, and joyfully. I love creating opportunities for connection, so as a special (but totally optional) gift: when you buy one ticket, a friend can buy a second ticket for just $75!

Whether in your kitchen or on a mountain top, life’s magic is waiting for you in every moment. Please don’t wait to let it in.

Reclaiming your Magical Life

Email me at Hello@OneFleaCircus.com to enroll or for more information    

“Stop the words now. Open the window in the center of your chest, and let the spirits fly in and out.”

– Rumi


About me

When it comes to cultivating and creating magic I’m a professional. I am a theatrical designer, physical comedian/clown, puppet artist, and instructor of acrobatics.  I am a deeply playful and curious person and have always brought this into all I do. With over a decade of teaching infants through advanced adults how to tumble, be upside down, play, connect with themselves and each other, operate puppets, meditate, create and see worlds from new perspectives, you are in for a delightful ride! I’m so happy to bring this life giving journey to you.

I’m also no stranger to life’s struggles, having endured years of intense and mysterious chronic illness. Holding onto and cultivating my sense of magic, play and wonder during this time was such an integral part of how I was able to make it through and in many ways deepened and strengthened my “life magic” at the same time.

My Healing journey continues to unfold, and the tools I am sharing in this class continue to be an anchor and a light every step of the way in sickness and in health. May it be for you as well.

Can’t wait to share this with you!

Much love,