Weekly  Q&A Zoom Link Here– Thursdays 7:15-8:15 CST (8:15 EST, 6:15 MST, 5:15 PST)

Intro and Module 1-Decision &Discovery- the Delight of Everyday Magic– Find the seeds of delight and magic all around you

Module 2- Cultivation- Intrinsic & ingenious magic– Digging deeper into the miracle that is life as you nurture and luxuriate in your magical lit up heart

Module 3- The Magic of Play! Engage with Fascination and Glee. Feel into and explore your play personality, and your sense of humor. Learn how to to partner with your magic to bring play into your everyday life and say yes to whatever life brings your way

Module 4-Instigating the Magic of Love and Connection, The magic of feeling seen and loved by others, lighting up others hearts & co-magicification. How to find and foster new connections and friendships

Module 5- Magic of Transformation- What is here? What is true? What is possible? transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and delightful,  and getting yourself back on track when life gets messy.

Module 6- Magic in the Messes- approaching the difficult with curiosity and compassionate presence  A brief overview of using your powers of magical agency and transformation to examine and break apart emotions and patterns that hold you back, as well as bringing your magic into the dark and heavy spaces.

Module 7-Looking back in amazement,Living from our magic, and moving forward in excitement!  Celebrating all we’ve learned, where and how to identify new places of magic to grow into, creating a map of our magical landscape and making magic our come from and go to as we move forward with agency into the rest of our magical lives.