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The main proposal is to create a giant player piano. Each performer would have a white key on each leg and hold a black key in each hand.

When they sit together on a bench and lean forward it creates this effect:

By swinging their arms and legs we could create a giant player piano that “plays” the melody of the song.

Click here to see it work in action

Player piano music take 4: I’m working with a composer to create the music for this piece. We are fine tuning and revising it, but this give you a general feel for it.


As the music explodes into a bigger melody the black keys are set down on the bench and the piano breaks apart to create moving shapes like a kaleidoscope. (White keys are easily removable and become handheld.)


One key shows up late and just can’t get it right! As things start to go wrong the melody reflects by having wrong notes and discordant rhythm.

Clearly the key is suppose to be on the other side of the stage. ( the heads are the ends of the keys which will have been seen in other formations already)

In trying to get there he knocks everyone else caddywompus until they are in a big heap.

They return to their keyboard formation the worse for wear and in the wrong order.

And finish strong.

Player Piano performer needs: Tobi (me), Taylor (assistant), 9 ensemble puppeteers, a live piano player, part of the rehearsal process, for the live show they would be off stage and unseen.   I’d love to work with the onboard choreographer on this one as well if possible. (outside eye via internet not performer, Norman Taylor, and composer Roy Magnuson)

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