color and shape pattern matching game with a twist

2-6 players

15 min av play time



storytelling game

best with 5-6 players, can be played with as little as 3 people

Average play time 30min



break into teams, use whiteboard function to draw.

one person from the first team picks a word and has 5 seconds to prepare. opposite  team times 1 min as the first team guesses. Then switch! no numbers or letters allowed

Can play till first to hit a certain score or group with highest points after a certain amount of time.

(if you are all native american english speakers,try playing on “wordplay” “idioms and sayings” super fun

2 or more players



Same rules as above but acting it out, instead of drawing.

2 or more players


20 Questions-

one player thinks of something and others have 20 yes or no questions to ask to figure out what it is.  person who guesses goes next. (can use word generator from previous 2 games to help generate ideas.)

Can be played till someone reaches a correct number of guesses, or highest number at the end of a certain amount of time.

2 or more players




Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their codenames — single-word labels like “disease”, “Germany”, and “carrot”. Yes, carrot. It’s a legitimate codename. Each spymaster wants their team to identify their agents first…without uncovering the assassin by mistake.

20 min per round, can play as many rounds as desired.

4-8 players


In a pickle-

improvisational storytelling game where you try and explain why objects fit into other objects.

(rudy has a physical deck of cards, and can “deal” out to people through private messenges)

30-60 min

4 – 8 players



Each night the werewolf(ves) kills someone The townspeople try to catch the werewolf before all the people are dead

Big group game-6 or more players


Two truths and a Lie-

someone states two things that are true about them and one that is a lie, everyone else guesses which is the lie.

Can be played with 2 people, but works well with big groups.

no scoring needed, can stop after 1 or multiple rounds.


Get to know you Questions