Design & Build


Puppet Design/Construction/Manipulation Training Marriott Theatre of Linconshire Fall 2008


Puppet Design and Construction Theatre of Western Springs Summer 2009

Dave Da Vinci Saves the Universe

Puppet Design and Construction The House Theatre of Chicago Fall 2008 Character Design by Debbie Baier

Sleeping beauty

Puppet Design, Construction, Manipulation Training Marriott Theatre of Lincolnshire Spring 2010

Birdo- Walkaround

Birdo is a loveable, but cheeky beaky rascal. Watch out, or he may just steal your heart… or your beer. Birdo is a walk around puppet, who makes…

The Devil You Know- Show

The Devil You Know- One Flea Circus from One Flea Circus on Vimeo. What happens when a monster gets loose from under a woman’s bed and wreaks havoc…