From absolute beginner-never done a handstand before,  up through presses, contortion handstands and other fun shapes, I would LOVE to help you with your handstand.

If you can stand on two feet, you’ve already learned how to balance once. You were just too young to remember the learning process. By flipping it upside down and learning again, you not only gain strength, but learn to engage with your body and the world in brand new beautiful ways.

In these classes you will learn how to:

  • Strengthen and engage your core, shoulder girdle hands and forearms to create a strong powerful foundation to your handstand,
  • Trust your body and overcome mental blocks
  • Create new body awareness and movement possibilities in your day to day life.
  • Learn how to use your body engagement like a suspension bridge, so you can “listen” to your balance and make adjustments, rather than tightening and squeezing like a concrete wall
  • Learn in a fun and supportive atmosphere that also challenges to do your best while honoring and listening to your body
  • Break a sweat and a smile!

I am also able to virtually teach stretching and flexibility as well as some soft tumbling skills that require minimal space, (walk-overs, limbers, rolls, cartwheels, etc.) contact me about setting up new classes or private lessons.

What my students have to say

Audrey Handstands

I’ve been working on my handstands for the past 10 years and desperately wanting to unlock a straddle press. After handstand privates with Tobi, I can feel and activate – for the first time – my lower abs. I’m finally building the correct pathways in my body and a press feels more accessible than it ever has in all my years of training. Tobi provides expert drills and feedback I need to move on to the next level.

Audrey Spinazola

I practiced handstands years ago but never made huge strides and eventually stopped regular practice. I decided to pick it up again, and after only ONE class with Tobi, I was able to get upside down again! Tobi is really great at spotting improvement areas and giving adjustments even with the obstacle of working through a virtual screen. Tobi also prescribes wonderful exercises that target the specific challenge areas you feel blocking your handstand growth. I highly recommend this course for anyone trying to hone their handstand skills!

Krystal Oritz

Handstands class with Tobi has been a highlight of my last few years.  I’ve gained tons of strength and body awareness, which has noticeably helped improve other types of workouts, activities, and just daily life.  Handstands are a marathon journey but Tobi helps you achieve – and celebrate – all the little (and big!) wins along the way.  Their positive attitude and creative tips, tricks, and drills have kicked off my lifelong handstand journey.  I recommend this class to anyone of any ability just wanting to try something new or improve on skills they already have.  Tobi is so great at meeting you where you are and motivating you onward, upward, and upside down. 🙂

Laurie McVean

I’ve struggled with handstands my whole life, often practicing, taking classes, training and not seeing any improvement. With Tobi’s classes I started seeing major improvements right away and my handstand has progressed further than it’s ever been! I’m so thrilled to finally see results and work with an instructor that understands the limitations of my body and is willing to work with me on them!

Ginn Fizz

I’ve learned so much about my body from these classes and had a wonderful and supportive community that helped me focus on something during the pandemic. Everything about this class had helped not only my physical and mental health, but also my handstand competence.

Riley Larson

Tobi is a phenomenal teacher whose joy permeates even through a computer screen.  Their feedback is specific and insightful, using multiple tools to help students explore and improve upon techniques.  Through their guidance I have discovered new strengths, abilities, and confidence which have reignited my personal daringness to risk and play.  I appreciate greatly their intuitive tutelage, and love that I find myself constantly smiling while sweating throughout their athletic classes. 

Gaby Labotka

Sounds like so much fun right?!?

Many fun ways to move forward

Would you like to join an ongoing class? Make a new class with you and your friend(s)? Set up a one time or ongoing private lesson? Let’s find the structure and timing that works best for you!

Ongoing classes:

  • These are ongoing classes NOT DROP IN! These classes are designed for people who want to go on a handstand journey. The length and depth of that journey is up to you. Whether for a few months or stretching into years, I am here to help guide you along the way. In order to keep classes small and prices reasonable, I take on students who are willing to make a weekly commitment.
  • Classes are level specific I have Intro to Handstands, HS1, and HS2, we will decide together what is the best fit for you at this moment.
  • Your first class is a private introductory lesson with me. The cost is $21.  It usually lasts about a half hour and gives me a chance to get to know you and your handstand and find a class that is a good fit.
  • Class meets once a week, cost is $21 per class.  I prioritize small class sizes and individual attention, so I keep my classes to a max of 5 people.
  • PERSONALIZED HOMEWORK! This is one of the most fabulous parts! At the end of class I give you personalized handstand homework assignments based on your handstands, your goals, and what you need to take your handstand to the next level. There is no obligation to do the homework, but if you do, you’ll find you make progress a whole lot faster. Best practice is to find time to have handstand playtime 2-3x a week outside of class.
  • The day after class you will receive a link to a video of the class. This way you can repeat the class, watch your handstands, and get the maximum out of your hard work! This link will be active for one week. Please feel free to use this video for your personal use however you like. You are not authorized to share these videos with anyone not currently enrolled in the class.
  • I ask for a 4 week commitment to start with. After that if you need to discontinue classes at any time, please let me know The week before your last class, this gives me a reasonable amount of time to find a new student.

Make your own class!

Do you have a group of friends who want an excuse to see each other every week and get fit at the same time? Maybe some good friend in another time zone. Talk to me about setting up a new ongoing class at a time that works for your schedule. Same structure as ongoing classes, no new student semi private required when all start at the same time.

  • 3 people: $30/person
  • 4 people: $25/ person
  • 5 people: $20/person


Want some super focused attention? Need some help on a skill that just won’t budge? Book a one time or ongoing private lesson with me! If you would like to set up something on a more regular basis contact me about details and pricing.

  • Privates are $60 for a full hour or $40 for a half hour. 
  • Semi-Privates (2-3 people) $45/person for 1hr or $35/person for a half hour.

Beginner to advanced, wherever you are is exactly where we start from.

Handstands for everybody!

Image from an intro to handstands class