Alison Daniel in the Rafters

Allison Daniel

Allison is a physical performer with a rich background of training in Puppetry, Mime, Clown, Mask and Acrobatics. She is a graduate of the Flying Actors Conservatory program (James Donlon, Leonard Pitt), as well as Sandglass Puppetry manipulation intensive (Eric Bass, Ines Zeller Bass) and the Clown Conservatory program at Circus Center in San Francisco (Joe Dieffenbacher, Dan Griffiths) where she went on to teach; and attended  L’école Internationale de Théâtre LASSAAD in Brussels (Lecoq based conservatory program).

While attending Illinois State University for scenic costume design she additionally created her own focus in puppetry design. Upon graduating she moved to Chicago and designed and built (as well as sometimes performing or directing) puppets for many of Chicago’s theatre companies including Chicago Dramatist’s “10 Virgins,” and Blair Thomas’ production, “The Ox-Herder’s Tale”. Other Companies she has worked for include The Joffery ballet, The Marriott Theatre of Lincolnshire and Redmoon Theatre. The Puppets she builds are as varied as the performances for which they were created. She has built 7 inch tall musical mice, to a six and a half foot tall “space bear” body puppet, and many in between and beyond.

Her work in both performance and construction give her a world of possibilities and ideas to mix and match into a world of joy, insanity, and unique perspectives.

Special Recognitions Include:

  •  First Recipient of the Peggy Ford and Paoli Lacy Award for female clowns.
  • Featured on the cover of  of Puppetry International in their 40 under 40 issue
  •  nomination Non-Equity Joseph Jefferson Award for her Puppet design
    “The Nutcracker” with The House Theatre of Chicago.